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Miata Mania Trip Guideline for Leaders ( Read Me )
« on: October 09, 2009, 10:14:08 AM »
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Miata Mania Trip Guideline for Leaders

  • Decide on a destination. Have you been some place you would like to show the club? Is there someplace new you would like to go? Would it be a Day Tip of an Overnight Trip? Be creative. There are lots of Day Trips out of the Houston Area. Overnight Trips are a little more difficult to plan, but there are so many activities to do.
  • If Possible, make a “trial run” of your trip. If this is not possible, get as much information about your trip as possible. Call the destination, museum, restaurant, motel, city, ect., and have them mail you pamphlets.
  • Choose a Date. Make it to or three month in the future to give you plenty of time to advertise your trip. Allow at least two meeting to talk about it and have sign-up sheets. This lets members plan ahead and you should have a better turn out.
  • After you have done the above, notify the following:
Give the above the following information:

  • Destination
  • Meeting time and Place
  • Date(s)
  • Cost of motel, food, tickets, etc.
  • Phone number for information

  • Make any pre-arrangements necessary – reservations at restaurants, special rates at motels, group ticket prices, etc.
  • Take a sign-up clipboard to the meetings with all pertinent information on it, and talk about your trip to the members.
  • Prepare a Trip Packet to pass out to the participants on the day of the trip. This should include general information, maps, cost, phone numbers, and anything else needed.
  • On the day of your trip, make sure each member signs the MiataMania Release form (every person in the cars must sign this). A copy is attached. Pass out your trip packet, and HAVE FUN!
  • After the trip, do the following:
  • Write follow-up article for the Newsletter and send it to
  • Give the Events Chair the sign up sheet, Release Forms, a copy of your follow-up News letter article, and a copy of you Trip Packet to go into the new Trip File.
  • Miata Mania Trip Guideline for Leaders

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