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I realize that not all of you are on facebook to see my incessant posting about the trials and tribulations of my Blueberry so here I am posting the synopsis! I'll try to keep it about the power mods.


I started off with 2006, 150k miles, which developed rod knock by 154k. I swapped the motor for an imported 09 motor & trans with only 32k miles on them, put in a Fidanza flywheel and Exedy Stage 1 clutch to go with it. Shortly thereafter moved to a Racing Beat intake, PPE long tube header w/catted midpipe, and a GWR RoadsterSport2 muffler. A while later I ran across a rear mounted turbo kit (replaces the muffler) for a deal I couldn't pass up. I knew that the manufacturer/designer wasn't the brightest candle but for the price I knew i could modify it to make it work right and still be ahead. Initially it made a solid 300whp and 240lb-ft of torque on this setup but unfortunately an electrical issue arose and the motor moved on to greener pastures. What an opportune time to get a 2.5L with some cams and make some REAL power! I also moved to upgrade to an ACT 6-puck clutch to handle the power. The next adventure was fighting the uphill battle of redesigning the oil recirculation system for lubricating the turbo as well as cutting the excessively long plumbing lines down to appropriate sizing. Now we are working our way through a few more iterations of tunes before going to take dyno numbers, but suffice it to say it's PLENTY fast! Lots of photos below...


Those of you familiar with turbo setups are certainly curious at this point how the turbo response looks like. If I were to have used a larger diameter header and midpipe then the impulse response would have been drastically reduced but with the PPE 1.63" primary header model and 2.5" midpipe I am able to achieve full boost (14psi) about 5000rpm or so. Needless to say, if you're racing it doesn't matter since you'll always be up in the RPMs. The 2.0L had a lesser response at about 6000rpm. It's very forgiving for the casual driver that wants the ability to have lots of power but doesn't want it to come on so easily. You have to hold the gas down for a little bit in order to regret the decision in this one.


Stock manifold vs. PPE long tube header/midpipe combo

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The engine bay creates some mixed thoughts since it clearly has a blow off valve but also has a header

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Intercooler mounting behind the front grille:

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Crazy rear-end turbo system. Exhaust pipe comes back to normal position where the muffler would be, feeds the turbo, and dumps right out. The intake (obviously) being located under the rear end means it has to push the air all the way back to the front to be used. 

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