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Ideas about overheating?

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My '91 has been having temperature issues for quite some time now.  Over the past year I have made a number of attempts to fix this:

Tried running it with the bottom splash guard on and off (maybe affecting airflow through the radiator, but I think not)

Aluminum radiator

Mishimoto fans

Just replaced the water pump and thermostat when I did the timing belt

Flushed the system out.  

It is better, but that needle still wavers towards the right in stop and go traffic (what I would call between 12:30 and 1:30).  Both fans work as designed, but I'm not considering using the AC right now.

I'm thinking about headers and/or a coolant reroute.  Would headers that connect to a stock exhaust improve the exhaust flow, reducing back pressure and removing the heated exhaust faster, or would I be wasting my time (as far as the heat issues goes) even with a complete exhaust system replacement?  And what about a coolant reroute?  The return line is right below the exhaust manifold and there is no heat shielding, so my thoughts are that that line adds to the heat problem.  I have perused the internet and have seen all kinds of reroute ideas - none of which involve Duct tape.  So I'm throwing it out to you guys.  Any ideas?


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