1. REDMAN » Cary Bob

    I had planned to go to the Meeting at 9:00 pm on the 26th.  At 8:30, I checked and found the site had been changed but no indication that the time had changed.Since Rudy's is eqasier for me to get to I arrived qabout 10 minutes early.  At 5 minutes till (;)) I went in although there were no miatas in the parking lot.  I was directed to the back of the restaurant but other then a bunch of Police no miata members were present.  I asked at the desk and they told me a that a lot of the peopkle had arrived about 7:30 - Obviously I had missed the meeting.  I Tried to RSVP but could find no telephone number to cqall so I just went on figuring If there was no room, I would just sit in the general area;.    To say I am Pissed Off is an understatement.  Why was the location change listed but not the time change???.  This is very shoddy in my opinion.  I had looked forward to a drive-in full of Miatas but instead I gort the shaft.  I don't think I'll ever try to do this again :(((.

    Carter Taylor