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  1. roper57

    Fixed the car today. if you test the battery it tested good. Tested again at the battery terminals no good. The terminals are new but came painted. The paint stop a solid connection on the negative side.Thank for the ideas and replies. If the miata is not running I'm not happy.

  2. roper57

    Started car drove it out of garage. Turn car off. When back to start car but nothing happen. Checked battery connects,charged battery,checked Engine fuse and car will not say anything ? Help

  3. TheDoctor

    Greetings to all!

    So a few days ago my car was in the shop for a power loss issue experienced while driving down the highway. The throttle position sensor was apparently the culprit, but after it was replaced by the shop I went do, they alerted me to a CEL code indicating a failing catalytic converter. I've been doing some research on several different "high-flow" cats and have decided on either the RoadsterSport Midpipe w/Cat ( ) or the Cobalt Stainless Steel Midpipe w/Cat ( ). Does anyone have experience with either brand or product, or at least help me choose which to buy and have installed? Would like to go with something better performing than OEM, and I've noticed that both of these offers are substantially cheaper than OEM varieties.

  4. organista1

    Anyone want a stock ND muffler for the taking? Maybe has 5000 miles on it.

    PM me if interested.

    I can't make him put it back on the car so unless someone wants it he will put in the trash.

  5. Mark

    I had a key made and programmed at this place.  They do a jam up job.  Husband and wife run outfit.  They work by appointment only at their shop or will come to you.
    Located off of Wesleyan just south of 59.

    Automobile Locksmith   

  6. Landrocket

    Saw an early NA when I parked at the store.  Grabbed our club card to put under the wiper blade to promote the club......scared the HECK out of the little lady napping in the drivers seat.  Apologized thru the closed window and showed her the card.  I'm sure she thought I was a molester or a panhandler...but the window came down an inch or two and I introduced myself and told her about the club.  She said "Really?, I didn't know there WAS a Miata club in Houston?" We chatted a few minutes and I was informed that she had been there about a half hour waiting for AAA to come jump her 91 Miata, she was dead in the parking lot.  I ran to my truck but didn't remember I had removed the jumper cables....darn.  I told her to put the stick in 2nd gear, turn the key to "on" and I'd shove the car and she could pop the clutch and see if it would start.  I also gave the car a rocking push to see if I had the horsepower to actually move the car fast enough....figured I could.  After doing what I asked she said "Nah, she didn't feel comfortable doing that".  I DID NOT recommend we change roles and she could push as she was more senior than I was.  So I said OK at least pop the trunk and let me look at the battery connections.  She turned the key the wrong direction and the engine came alive.  We wordlessly looked at each other.  She said Oops! I turned it the wrong way, should I turn it off again so you can check the battery?  I shouted NO! just let it run and charge the battery a bit.  I asked if she lived close by Yes she said.  I said you can just get home and then call the mechanic or a friend...whatever.  At least you will be safe at home.   About that time some nearby female voice asked, Hey whats going on here?  I looked up and it was my own Carla!!!  I guess me talking to some blonde in a Miata in the parking lot needed some explaining.  The blonde thanked me profusely, after accepting my offered card. I waved at Carla and went into the store.  When I came out in about 3 minutes the blonde was still there, the Miata still running and the AAA wrecker was there frowning and scratching his head.  I patted the AAA guy on the shoulder and said, "There is nothing to see here, move along".  then went to my truck and departed the parking lot!  Think I promoted the Houston Miata Club?

  7. JamesH

    Greetings everyone - James here.  I've got a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth - really a ND Miata with different body styling, a NC manual transmission, and a Fiat 1.4L turbo engine.  The 124 community is pretty weak overall, and non-existent in Houston.  Am hoping everyone here is okay with my presence.

    I started as a VW/Audi guy, and have had a few ranging from an '01 A6 Quattro w/ turbo V6 and manual transmission, several GTIs - some with turbo upgrades, manual diesel Golfs and Jettas, to a manual AWD TT w/~280hp.  I spent a few years in a Subaru BRZ with stage 2 flex-fuel and suspension upgrades, but had a lot of issues with the dealership in regards to some factory flaws.

    I sold the BRZ back in June and picked up a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth - black with manual transmission, Recaro seats and Brembo brakes.  I'm loving the car so far...  It's got a ECU tune, upgraded diverter valve and some exhaust work.  I'm sure most of you are aware that the 124 is actually a ND Miata, made in Japan by Mazda, and shares everything except the sheet metal, transmission, and engine with the current MX-5.

    I loved the VW community, although never found a relatable BRZ/FRS/GT86 community.  I've very technical - anything from troubleshooting to rebuilding heads, and everything in between.  Looking forward to meeting some fellow gear heads, and am very interested in the meetup/cruise/community aspects of Houston Miata Club.

  8. Mark

    I've had my 2012 NC PRHT for several months now.  Previously, I owned a red 93 NA with a black top.  I daily drive this car and love it.  Was inspired to get into Miatas after having owned a 1967 Triumph Spitfire back in the day that I dearly loved until a tree took her away.

    Have spent a lot of time reading through the forums and have found them to be quite informative.  I am interested in upgrading my "less than desirable" suspension.  Not in to racing, just want a handling for this car that I know can be had.



  9. JohnG

    I was a member many years ago. I had an 99 NB, all stock. Funnest car I have ever driven, much less, owned. 

    I am looking for another Miata. Open minded to NA, NB, or NC, depending on the deal, maybe even a basket case.

    Going to post on WTB. Glad to be back!