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  1. EyeKon

    WHAT A GREAT PARTY!!!!  Hope everyone had as much fun a I did. Best party the Club has had to date. Thanks Zach & Clint for opening your home to all of us and for all the work you did to make it happen. Nothing could be better than an evening with close friends.

    A reminder to Clint: We will be counting the diapers a year from now to make sure none were used. (Inside joke, you had to be there.)

    To Carla: You are the best looking moose I have ever seen. (Inside joke, you had to be there.)

  2. HoodOrnament

    Update--I'll bring a dessert, as KellyBob is bringing an appetizer.


    OK, I'll bring an appetizer or a dessert. (Just kidding!)

    I will post my choice later, after I get our temporary "camp" kitchen better organized in a few days. I don't know what pans & utensils & spices I have available yet.